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  1. Ronnie Delany

From the recording Ronnie Delany


Ronnie Delany
Words & Music by Colm Gallagher © 2008 Colm Music ASCAP
Way down under in ‘56, everybody lookin’ at the Olympics.
Hewson, Richtzenhain and Landy too, gonna go faster than the kangaroo.
(Ronnie come running; Ronnie come running)
Blowing down the back straight, outside lane, Ronnie come running like a hurricane.
(Let me put it plainly; Ronnie Delany)
2nd Verse
Beautiful picture running through my mind, Ronnie in the green shirt coming from behind.
Flying ‘round the last bend showin’ his style, stormin’ up the home stretch place going wild.
(Let me put it plainly; Ronnie Delany)
Ronnie be nimble.  Ronnie be quick.  Ronnie be ready with the Ronnie D Kick
(Ronnie come running; Ronnie come running)
3rd verse
He got the head and he got the heart.  He got the ciall agus he got the neart.
 (Go….Delay,  Go….Delay, Go….Delany!)
(Reel “The Maid Behind the Bar”-Traditional)
4th verse
Marsupial in his momma’s pouch say,  “Momma what is everybody shoutin’ about?”
Koala Bear up in the eucalyptus tree say,  “Momma what can all the noisy noisiness be, she say,
(Ronnie come running; Ronnie come running)
Just for the record gonna say this once, Richtze got the silver Landy got the bronze.
(Ronnie got the gold now; Ronnie got the gold now)
5th verse
Standin’ on the platform wearin’ o’ the green, Aussie band playin’ “Amhran na Fian”
(Sin a bhuil go feol now; Ronnie got the gold now)
6th verse
Flying into Shannon on a wing and a prayer, must’ve been a thousand people waiting for him there.
“Cead Mile Failte!” everybody cried, ten thousand people on the rocky road side.
 (Ronnie coming home now; Ronnie coming home now)
Meetin’ with the President meetin’ the Mayor, all the little children waiting for him there.
 Boys, girls, holdin’ out there hands, sayin’ “Ronnie when I’m bigger maybe I can be the champ”
 Yes you can…………..Yes you can……….Yes you can…………Yes you can
 (Let me put it plainly; Ronnie Delany)
I’ll run ya Ronnie!
Chords on verse & chorus
(A13  A11) x2: (D11  D13) x2
Chords on Reel
(D add9  Bm6) x4
(D  Em7  Dadd 9  Bm6  A  D) x2
Ciall agus neart: sense and strength
Amran na Fian: soldier’s song, Irish national anthem
Sin a bhuil so feol: that’s all for now
Cead mile failte: a hundred thousand welcomes